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Gil's Portuguese Recipes



This site will be dedicated mostly to authentic Portuguese food recipes. I will include other recipes that I believe are good. I hope all the recipes taste as good as you think they will. Please return often as I will be publishing new ones all the time. I hope you enjoy my Portuguese food recipes.

Please feel free to post and publish my material to any media source (such as websites, news groups, letters and message boards), printed media such as magazines, cookbooks, printed newsletters or newspapers. If you publish my material, please link to my home page as explained by the example below.


Vernice's Kale Soup recipe. www./Portuguese-recipes/Kale Soup Recipe.htm





Kale chip recipe Recipe provided by



My Dad's favorite bread pudding recipe. Check it out.

Check the many great recipes that my family and friends have sent me. Click here.




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Click here to go to my Reader Recipe page. Here you find many recipes from people who send them in to me. A lot of them are not Portuguese, but a fantastic addition.



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Do to lots of talk about Piri-Piri peppers, I have found a great farm that has Piri-Piri Pepper plants. Piri-Piris are also called Pili-Pili or Gindungo. Piri-Piris are used to make great sauce. Check the recipe in the left hand column . Here is the link to buy the plants I have heard that some people find them even in stores like Wal-Mart. Look for  small jars like Tabasco peppers they are small red peppers.


If you're looking for a special recipe or you find something wrong with my site -let me know. portfood2002@ I will try to help if I can. I would like to hear from you on the outcome of any of the recipes you try. This will help me to improve my recipes.

Please check out my new addition. I have new pages now of recipes from readers who send them to me. Some are variations of ones that I have and some are different. So, when you are looking for a recipe, check these also.




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