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Maids of Honor Cupcakes


You will need :

Pie crust it can be homemade or bought. Pillbury makes a good one.

Jelly-- I guess it's your choice of flavor.

A yellow cake mix any type

1.  I took a drinking glass and cut circles out of the dough.  Big enough to fit in a muffin pan cup.


2.  Line the cups in the muffin pan with circles you cut of dough.  The circles should be big enough to go up the sides of the muffin tin.


3.  Then spoon some jelly on top of the circles, just a layer at the very bottom. You choose what kind,  I used strawberry. 


4.  Then make a yellow cake mix according to the package directions.  Spoon the batter over the jelly to fill the muffin cups to 3/4 full, they will rise when baking of course.  They are done when you check with a toothpick and it comes out clean (or a cake tester).  Use the same degree oven as the cake mix calls for. The crust should be done too. 


5.  When they are cooled frost them with a thick glaze made from confectioners sugar and water or milk.

what you need for a glaze;

1-1/2 cups  powdered sugar
2-Tbsp.  milk
MIX powdered sugar and milk until well blended.


6.  Buy a container of candied cherries.  Cut them in half and place one half on each maid before the glaze sets up and gets hard. Gil Sequira, 2003 All Rights Reserved.